In business since 1991, RMR Designs has been producing quality decorated apparel for the resort and souvenir shops in Florida, the United States, and Caribbean. As a B2B design and printing company, we've built our business on simple principles: help customers make good margin, deliver on time, and never over-promise, never under-deliver.

All designs are decorated and printed at our Florida facility. We provide some of the highest quality screen print and/or embroidery apparel in the industry.

Print, design, and art are our passions... and our lives. That's the level of love and craft we hope to bring to your projects. Some of the greatest in the apparel industry work with RMR Designs, and we're excited to talk about how we can bring that level of dedication and passion to your stores.

Our entire business philosophy centers around bringing you a product that performs for you at retail, because we believe that if we help our customers succeed we will benefit from that success. It's just that simple.


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